Why Total Motion MedGym:

The days of being confused and unsure of how to make healthy lifestyle changes are over! Total Motion MedGym will enable you to understand your health and wellness needs from what you eat, how you sleep, to how you move.  We help you achieve your goals by integrating medicine, health programs, and community-based services that are rooted in evidence and data driven. This will help tailor our services to meet your needs. We want to support you in making life-long, transformational changes!

Better health is not achieved in short bursts after the New Year.  Better health happens with a total commitment to total wellness for total health.  The Total Motion MedGym is our investment in you and our community.  Come and invest in yourself for a total health transformation. 

Being Healthy Should Be Easier

The Total Motion MedGym is not your typical Fitness Club. We know how hard it can be to make healthy lifestyle changes. The Total Motion MedGym bridges the gap between medicine and health by educating and empowering you to understand what your needs are and how to meet them through our medically trained staff. We walk alongside you to encourage and support you in meeting your healthy lifestyle transformation.

Find out how fit your are

What’s your fit factor? Complete the survey to learn how your physical health compares.


Get Started Now

Step 1: Make an appointment

Give us an hour. We’ll perform our MedGym evaluation to gain baseline measurements and help us create a custom plan for your goals.

Step 2: Follow your custom plan

Our high touch service and clinical expertise from the MedGym staff will allow you to feel confident and comfortable with implementation of your customized plan.

Step 3: Meet your goals

Through the care of our highly trained exercise specialist and other healthcare providers on staff, we will consistently be re-evaluating your needs to support both progress and accountability.

We promise you:


We will be with you the whole way, supporting and encouraging you to meet your goals. We want to help you make and keep healthy lifestyle changes.


Your membership includes routine re-assessments by healthcare providers that will show you the results you’ve worked for and hold you accountable as you progress through this transformational life change.


Through our high touch service, we want to facilitate a client-centered environment that engages YOU to achieve your goal and overcome barriers to health. We want to help you with more than your fitness, we want to help you be confident and empowered in your life.

Who Should Sign Up?

If you have:

• High blood pressure
Increased body fat
High blood sugar
Heart disease
Bad experience at a gym
Fear of moving
Abnormal cholesterol levels
High triglyceride levels
Fear of exercising
The desire to further improve your health

If this sounds like you, then Total Motion Medgym is the place for you. Total Motion Medgym creates an encouraging environment that will support you in the adoption of healthy lifestyle changes. Total Motion MedGym is where health and wellness become your new medicine to treat, reverse, and prevent chronic diseases optimizing your wellbeing. Come and invest in your total wellness for total health!


MedGym Evaluation:

          We help track your progress so you can see the results all throughout your time at Total Motion MedGym

Group Training: (2-5 individuals)

          Grab a partner or a group of friends and keep each other motivated.


          Health classes focusing on various aspects such as strength, flexibility, and balance that you can join to help you meet your goals.

Individual Exercise Session:

          Our individual exercise is specialized attention to help with proper mechanics and motivation in your specific program designed specially for you. With individual exercise, your goals will be met in no time.

Theragun Percussive Therapy:

          Theragun is the industry leader in percussive therapy enhancing recovery, energizing the body, decreasing muscle soreness and tightness, and naturally relieving pain.

Nutrition Counseling:

          Our registered dietitian will talk with you about food and the challenges you face in making changes to your diet. You will learn about the differences between foods and how to make smart and healthy choices to progress towards your goals.

Facilitated Stretch:

          Manual stretch designed to increase your range of motion and teach your body how to use it. We work with your body using relaxation and muscle contraction to further your flexibility.

Orthopedic Triage Services (Red Flag):

          Hurt over the weekend? Let us take a look at it and help you get the service you need

InBody Scan:

          Our InBody helps us establish baseline measurements and track your progress. See what your body is made of.

Individualized program:

          Unique program that’s designed specifically for your needs and goals.

Accountability Services:

We regularly communicate with your physician and other members of your health care team as well as having onsite medically trained MedGym staff to check vital signs as needed, answer questions, and facilitate your care.

Our Staff

Dr. Rony Masri

Owner and founder of Total Motion Medgym as well as Total Motion Physical Therapy. Ron has served the New River Valley for over 9 years bringing patient centered and innovative care through his Physical Therapy practice. He is extending that care through his new MedGym to help the community make life-long health changes.

Ron Masri

Ashton King, CSCS

Ashton has had a passion for training athletes that dates back all the way to high school, when he first started training athletes. Ashton has a very diverse sports background, out of high school he ran division one track and field, then he went on to play division two and finally division one baseball. He is a certified Biomechanics Specialist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Driveline Baseball Certified Pitching Instructor, and a Trackman certified Level 2 Professional. He has also been a guest lecturer at the Elon University Physical Therapy School, discussing the topic of pitching biomechanics. Additionally, Ashton has been a consultant with numerous athletic programs. All while continuing to train athletes at a high level, leading some of his oldest clients to power 5 division one athletics scholarships. He is excited to serve the sports performance and adult fitness athlete in our area and continually bringing in cutting edge technology, provide individualized programing, and participate in research and development in the strength and conditioning field. In his free time he enjoys > golfing, reading, watching tv, and hanging out with friends and family.

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