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Are You Suffering from Neck Pain?

Treatment Plan for Neck Pain

Treatment Guide for Neck Pain

Treatment Guide for Neck Pain The Neck Pain Treatment Guide includes new research, solutions, and more.VIEW THE GUIDE
 Many people will suffer from some type of neck pain in their life, whether it’s from something as dramatic whiplash from a serious car accident, or simply from bad posture while on the job. Surgery is rarely needed for most types of chronic neck pain, but there is usually some type of treatment required to prevent issues with headaches and other lingering health effects that can get worse over time. Whether you have basic neck stiffness, widespread pain or a complete lack of movement, physical therapy treatment from Total Motion can help.

Common Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain and issues with your range of motion can occur in a variety of situations. You may feel a kink in your neck upon waking, have trouble moving your head from side to side after a long day at work, or feel more severe pain throughout the day that extends down the upper back and shoulders. While the most common cause of neck pain is simply overusing the neck muscles, there are some other factors that can lead to neck problems, including:

Neck pain can be impacted by your joints, tendons, muscles, bones and ligaments, and pinpointing the exact location is imperative to relieving the issue. Since the causes and severity of neck injuries vary widely from person to person, it’s important to take a personalized approach when treating neck pain.


How We Treat Neck Pain

At Total Motion, our doctors of physical therapy look at the whole picture to determine which aspects of your life are contributing to your neck pain. By analyzing different activities in your work and daily life, we can pinpoint the areas that are contributing the most to your neck pain and recommend lifestyle changes and treatment options like neck exercises that can greatly reduce your pain and keep it away for long term relief. Our physical therapy programs vary by patient needs and typically include a mix of the following:

  • A complete examination of the upper body that focuses on the neck and head and specific areas that may be contributing to your pain
  • Help you achieve proper posture
  • Manual therapy, including massage therapy, that helps to increase circulation and reduce inflammation
  • Light strength building and stretching exercises designed to rebuild muscles and reduce stiffness
  • Hot and cold therapy using heating pads and ice packs to reduce pain and inflammation

Contact Total Motion for Help with Your Neck Pain

Don’t let neck pain get in the way of your daily life. At Total Motion, we can help ensure you get the right type of treatment for whatever type of injury or neck condition you suffer from. If you are suffering from daily pain and stiffness or have neck pain, let our specialized doctors of physical therapy help you achieve pain relief, ultimately restoring your total function for a better quality of life. Contact us today to schedule a full evaluation. Remember a referral may not be necessary.


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