Are you tired of suffering from headache pain? Are chronic headaches taking away your enjoyment of everyday life? There are many different types of headaches out there, and many of them are easily relieved with some rest and an OTC pain reliever like aspirin or ibuprofen. For some individuals, however, headache disorders that are tougher to get rid of can bring non-stop pain and stress that interferes with daily activities. If you are tired of dealing with the pain that chronic headaches and headache symptoms can bring, Total Motion can help.

Our specialized doctors of physical therapy have effective treatment plans that address the source of your problem getting you better faster. We are experienced in differentiating which type of headache you may have, from a common tension headache that result from muscle overuse and poor posture, to more complex headaches, like migraine headaches and cluster headaches and headaches that result from possibly an underlying health condition like cervical spine issues.

Headaches come in all shapes and sizes and there’s often no way to predict when they will hit. When you see one of our doctors of physical therapy, they will review your current your current health, identify which type of headache you are suffering from and using that information to create a personalized treatment plan for pain relief. At Total Motion, you are treated by the same specialized doctor of physical therapy each visit that will create a treatment plan specifically designed to meet your needs and overall goals.

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What Happens During a Headache Evaluation?

When you first visit Total Motion for a headache evaluation, we start out by taking a look at your lifestyle and overall health. We’ll take a deep dive into every area of your life, with questions about what you do for work, how long you sit or stand during the day and how often your headaches occur. By looking at the frequency of your headaches, we can determine if there’s a pattern to your pain that could be triggered by specific activities, such as computer work or a stressful lifestyle. We’ll also conduct some basic tests and ask questions that are more specific to your headaches, including the following:

  • Where is your pain located? Does it travel to different areas over the course of the headache?
  • Do you have any limitations in your range of motion throughout the neck, shoulders or arms?
  • How is your posture when sitting, standing and completing basic activities?
  • Have you previously suffered an injury to your head, neck or jaw?

 How Can Physical Therapy Help?

Chronic headaches can be disabling, but the right physical therapy treatment can help dramatically reduce the symptoms and frequency. After you have seen your family doctor to ensure there aren’t any secondary health conditions that are causing your headaches, physical therapy can help reduce your pain and help you get back to the daily activities you’ve been missing out on.

With more severe tension type headaches and secondary headaches caused from muscle overuse or injury, our approach includes fixing mobility issues and using exercises that are designed to target specific muscle groups. For headaches related to poor posture at the computer, we can make recommendations on improving workstation ergonomics to make your daily work easier on your neck and shoulder muscles, including using a standing desk or ergonomic chair when seated and taking short, frequent breaks to allow your eyes and muscles to relax. Other types of headaches may require more advanced treatments, such as special exercises and manual therapy treatments.

Treatment Guide for Cervicogenic Headaches

The Cervicogenic Headache Treatment Guide includes new research, solutions, and more. For individuals with headaches that are related to computer use, we may also recommend improving your workstation on the job to make it more neck and shoulder-friendly. Try using an ergonomic desk chair that suits your size & build, never let your monitor sink below eye level and switch to a headset to reduce strain when on the phone.

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Our physical therapy treatment options can help dramatically reduce your head pain and restore your total function for a better quality of life. No matter what type of headaches you suffer from, contact Total Motion to learn about the available treatments. Remember a referral may not necessary.

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