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Foot and Ankle Physical Therapy

Are foot and ankle problems, stress fractures or pain holding you back from the things you love in life? At Total Motion, we’ll diagnose and help rehabilitate your injuries so that you can regain your pain free range of motion, improve your strength so that you can get back to participating in your favorite daily activities. Furthermore, our doctors of physical therapy will also create a rehabilitation program that  can  help you avoid re-injury.

Treatment Guide for Achilles Tendinopathy

Treatment Guide for Achilles Tendinopathy

The Achilles Tendinopathy Treatment Guide includes new research, solutions, and more. We depend on our feet and ankles every day, and when there is an injury, it can be incredibly difficult to rest the area in order to facilitate healing. If left untreated, foot and ankle injuries can cause even more pain, making it difficult to manage everyday activities.

With so many different ligaments, bones and muscles, it can be difficult to determine exactly where the injury has occurred. Utilizing physical therapy exercises can help pinpoint the cause of your foot and ankle pain, making it easy to develop a smart approach to reducing pain and improving mobility. Here are just a few of the common foot and ankle issues that we address in our physical therapy exercise program:

Plantar fasciitis: Plantar Fasciitis occurs as the result of inflammation and overuse that affects the soft tissue (plantar fascia) on the bottom of the foot. This condition is typically found in patients who are over 40 with jobs that require standing, those who have recently started running and jogging, are overweight and have decreased calf muscle flexibility and flat feet. Patients will typically report crippling pain that is felt as soon as they step out of the bed in morning. This pain is typically felt deeply in the heel area and often into the arch and ball of the foot as well. It gets worse with activity, especially those that involve running, climbing stairs or walking barefoot. Just about anyone can develop plantar fasciitis and it usually will resolve on its own after about 1-2 years. With physical therapy, however, you can help reduce the pain you feel during the healing process and possibly even reduce your healing time. Treatment typically consists of exercises and strategies that make plantar fasciitis symptoms more manageable.

Achilles Tendonitis: Achilles Tendonitis is a painful condition that can develop as the result of overuse of the ankle due to a sudden increase in activities such as walking, running and jumping. With this condition, the pain can be pinpointed to an area just above the Achilles tendon. Physical therapy treatment for this condition often consists of a combination of resting the affected foot and applying ice, along with stretching and strengthening exercises. Your physical therapist can develop a plan that will tell you just how much rest you need and when to start stretching and strengthening exercises in order to treat the condition and regain your strength safely.


Orthotics: There is varying literature on foot orthotics and whether they help with foot pain. One thing that is fairly certain is that off the shelf orthotics are just as good as custom made orthotics for treating foot pain. There are certain foot conditions that may be helped by orthotics temporarily. Some runners, especially with flat feet or over-pronating feet, can have short-term (3-6 month) improvements in pain by using orthotics. If all other therapy and change of shoes has been unsuccessful you may be a good candidate to try orthotics. Total Motion has off the shelf orthotics that can be heat molded to your feet if you desire.

Treatment Guide for Ankle Sprains

Treatment Guide for Ankle Sprains

The Ankle Sprain Treatment Guide includes new research, solutions, and more. Let Total Motion help you get rid of your foot and ankle pain for good through a personalized pain assessment and treatment plan that will help restore balance and function to your feet and ankles. From specialized exercises and strengthening treatments, to orthotics designed to help reduce and treat foot pain, our team is committed to restoring mobility, reducing pain and teaching you how to prevent future foot and ankle problems. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.  Remember a referral may not be necessary.


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