Are you tired of arthritis pain ruining your favorite activities? Total Motion Physical Therapy can help treat arthritis pain so you can get back to the things you love the most.

If you have been diagnosed with arthritis, physical therapy can be a very important part of your treatment plan. There are more than 100 illnesses that can cause arthritis, the common condition that is characterized by painful inflammation and stiffness in the joints. Since increased movement tends to increase pain, many people with arthritis are limited in what they can comfortably do each day. Physical therapy can help patients regain strength and range of motion, helping them get back to their lives with less pain and discomfort. Over time, the right treatment plan can help prevent permanent damage to joints and muscles while also reducing pain and inflammation.

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Once you’ve been diagnosed with arthritis, your doctor will typically prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication or corticosteroid to reduce the swelling and pain. To help rebuild strength and increase your range of motion, your doctor will likely prescribe physical therapy treatment as well.

How Can Physical Therapy Help with Arthritis?

At Total Motion Physical Therapy, our physical therapists will show you exercises that have helped arthritis patients maintain their strength, mobility and joint movement. We will also make recommendations on how to modify your workplace and home to reduce strain and prevent muscle and joint damage.

We’ve helped many arthritis patients meet important milestones in their treatment, including:

  • Maintaining one’s current fitness level or reaching new fitness goals.
  • Restoring the ability to fully participate in daily activities without needing help from others or using an assistive device.
  • Preventing further deterioration in joints and muscles by focusing on strengthening and rebuilding.
  • Personalized care that is understanding, patient and kind

By learning how to exercise in a way that protects your body from additional damage and by learning some basic lifestyle changes, physical therapy can greatly reduce arthritis symptoms. We will also work with you to develop some helpful habits, like using heat and cold to reduce inflammation in the affected joints and taking the right steps like losing weight and reducing stress to take away pressure on your joints. Each of these treatment steps can drastically reduce your arthritis symptoms.

Arthritis is a serious and potentially disabling condition that can be controlled with regular physical activity, modification of your environment and for some individuals, with medication. If you’ve been diagnosed with arthritis or are showing signs of the disease, let Total Motion Physical Therapy show you how to restore your strength and get your life back. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation.

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