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Too often people make the mistake of waiting to address an injury and its mostly due to people being unaware of the harmful effects of neglecting an injury or treating an injury with temporary fixes. A 2006 study by Bisset et al compared the recovery results of patients who tried either manual physical therapy, corticosteroid injections or the “wait and see” approach and found that patients who underwent physical therapy to address their injury or pain had better, lasting long-term results than the other approaches did. For instance:

  • Those who underwent physical therapy had less pain recurrence at the 52 week follow-up than those who had corticosteroid injections
  • The physical therapy group had faster results than the wait and see group.

Getting physical therapy first is extremely important as it allows for quicker attainment of decreased pain and increased range of movement, flexibility, strength and motor control to an injured or dysfunctional part of the body. If you have sustained an injury, you should contact a physical therapist immediately.

Physical therapists are highly trained to treat, diagnose, and prevent movement dysfunction through manual therapy, medical exercise therapy, and patient education. They are experts in examination, treatment, and prevention of further complications in the nerves, muscles, and joints that you would not be able to predict yourself.

Work with one of our specialized doctors of physical therapy and they will guide you through recovery without putting your body through unnecessary drugs, passive treatments, and imaging that could cause damage to your body in the long-run. Our physical therapists will not only address the injury itself but will focus on preventing further issues as well.

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At Total Motion Physical Therapy our specialized doctors are trained to perform various orthopedic manual therapy techniques.  Many studies have shown that by using manual therapy and exercise, patients get better faster with longer results. It’s for this reason that we follow-up our manual work with specific medical exercises that reinforce our manual techniques to further treat the source of the problem and not just the symptom.

We constantly reassess our patients throughout the course of their care to ensure that their treatment is specific to their needs, further providing the value of our treatment. Our staff has embraced the concept of being “life-long learners” and we are always acquiring and perfecting various physical therapy interventions to better serve our patients.