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In- House Training

Training in house with us is something fit for a professional. The days are long gone of paying $1 per minute for a once a month hitting or pitching lesson. When training at Total Motion Medgym  athletes will have every resource they need to improve. Rather than a pay per session model, we work off of a pay per month membership model. Included in each month’s training athletes will receive hitting and throwing programming, strength and conditioning programming, mobility programming, physical therapy screen, body composition testing, and finally access to a full nutrition station. All while being able to train alongside other studs up to six days per week to truly take an athlete’s game to a level they never thought was possible.


A Total Motion Medgym & Performance assessment is an experience like no other. Our assessment breaks down every part of an athlete’s game to determine exactly where each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses are. Assessments are always the first step in any training program when training with us at Total Motion Medgym & Performance. Whether it is just a quick stop in house, a mobile assessment that we bring to you, or a remote assessment. We are sure you have an assessment that fits your needs and will get you started in the right direction.

Team Contracts

We can help take your team to the next level with performance training as a team. Training individually is critical to an athlete’s skill but training as a team helps improve team coordination and chemistry on the field. Get your team training together to help get them in the right direction.

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At Total Motion Performance we ensure that you will be provided with the best customer service and training programming in the business. If you are interested in taking your game to the next level and dominating the competition then shoot us an email, and we can get the ball rolling.

Online Enrollment

Enroll today online and we will start your journey to excellence in every sport from golf to football.